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Who Cares About Happy Employees?

12th September 2012

Don't be misled, of course we want people to be happy (we're not gloom promoters), they tend to be very pleasant to be around (apart from the very irritating, constantly upbeat types). But “happy" just isn't a priority, because happy doesn't mean “good at my job". Employers want loyal and engaged employees who are motivated to work hard at their job because they really want to.

Now, employee engagement is not our specialist subject (we're recruiters!) but what we are sure about is that you can't force staff to be engaged. However, it is much harder for employees not to feel valued in an organisation where their hard work and efforts are recognised and appreciated.

Employee recognition specialists, Globoforce, recently announced survey results which reported that 64% of employees would leave their job for a company which recognised their contributions and a massive 90% of those who took part said employee recognition motivates them to do a better job.

We often hear this from our candidates, people who decide it is time to move on because they feel they are not appreciated. Many initiatives just don't meet employees' needs, for a wide variety of reasons ranging from a lack of understanding of the criteria for being recognised; infrequent appraisals; poor manager communication and recognition linked to length of service, not performance.

By recognising staff properly, employers could improve productivity, motivation and attrition while reinforcing the positive behaviours they want to see throughout their companies.

And what about the humble "Thank you"? There's huge value in these two little words and they are not said often enough.

Thorpe Molloy Recruitment turned 15 years old a few days ago. We're celebrating this milestone with all our employees by combining the birthday party with our annual Thorpe and Molloy Business Awards. These are internal awards, where everyone is eligible and voted for by their peers in clearly defined categories which are important to our business performance. So the awards are relevant, credible, reflect behaviours which reinforce our core values and are just one of the initiatives we use to say "thank you".

The celebrations will be a night to remember and one of the occasions where we do really care that all our employees are happy employees.

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