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The Career Web

24th January 2017

Towards the end of 2016, LifeSkills created with Barclays released interesting research which indicated that the career ladder is rapidly becoming a historical metaphor, being replaced by the career web.

Rather than climbing up the rungs to an enriching career, millennials are choosing "sideways" moves which broaden their skill set and the speed at which they acquire new skills. They rapidly transition across industries and sectors with the ultimate aim of securing their "dream job".

Revealing that 24 per cent of millenials have already worked in 4 or more industries, the report estimates that, at this rate, they will have x7 as many jobs as their grandparents throughout their career.

The pace of change is accelerating in every aspect of business life and this dynamic approach to career progression echoes the increasing emphasis on businesses to be more agile. It appears mutually beneficial. The millennials are skilling up and their employers benefit from their diverse talents and "21st Century" resilience, problem solving and networking capabilities.

What caught our eye was the 10% of under 24's who reported that they plan to stay in their role for less than 6 months in order to seek new career opportunities and challenges.

The evolving behavior of this agile workforce demands organisational re-thinking and planning. A CV which shows a job move every few years no longer indicates someone who can't commit. Personal training plans are essential, not nice to have flexible benefits. Increasing rates of attrition may not indicate an employee engagement programme which is out of date. And how do you better manage knowledge transfer from talented, innovative people when you know they might not be with you in the medium to long term?

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