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It Makes Business Sense To Care About Your Temps' Work Experience

9th September 2019

In our current job market there's more job choice, fewer people immediately available and a growing shortage of skills. This means employers have to work harder to find good temporary workers.

So much emphasis is placed on recruitment but employers often forget the importance of inclusion for temps. That's a great shame as it unravels much of the work the recruiter has done and it also sets a tone that you don't care that they have the tools and resources to do their job well.

Preparing for your temporary worker ** has many business benefits and includes:

  • Builds trust.
  • Generates positive talk about your business (remember word of mouth referral is powerful).
  • Increases productivity.
  • Increases value.

** Applies to permanent workers too!

We work with hundreds of temporary workers every week, from their feedback we know where you can make the biggest impact on your temp worker experience.


Make sure your temporary worker is expected, greeted warmly and has the resources they need to do their job. It can feel really isolating to be "the temp" when no-one knows your name or what you are there to accomplish.


Provide a proper induction including relevant health and safety information. Show your temporary worker around your facilities and explain how their work contributes to the bigger picture.


Being paired with a buddy can make all the difference to the time it takes to settle in.


Be clear about the tasks to be undertaken. If your temp does not know what is expected of them, in a specific time frame, how on earth can they succeed?


Whether it is the all employee meeting or a work-related social event, help make your temporary worker feel part of the team by ensuring they are invited along.


There is an opportunity to learn from your temporary worker because they often bring a wealth of experience from diverse backgrounds. This is especially true where a temp has been hired because their skill set does not currently exist in the business.


Introduce your temporary worker to the manager responsible for signing their time sheets. Many temporary workers are paid on a weekly basis and within strict submission deadlines so it can become a big issue if they don't know how to contact this person.

Skills Assessment

Temporary workers are a flexible way for employers to access talent. What may start off as a temporary assignment can lead to permanent employment if the employer recognises that their skills are needed on a continual basis.

Agency Worker Regulations

If the placement extends beyond 12 weeks the temporary worker is legally entitled to agency worker's rights and pension auto enrolment – TMM Recruitment will manage the administration of those for you.


Providing feedback to your temp is very important but constructive feedback works both ways. Listening to feedback on their work experience creates an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective, possibly highlighting areas for improvement in your business.


At the end of the assignment your temporary worker will probably seek new employment so one thing they'll really appreciated is a sincere reference or online endorsement about their work and professionalism.

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