Psychometric Assessments

Evaluate a person’s fit for a job role, how they will work with others and react under pressure. Our psychometric assessment will help you get the best from your remote working teams too.

Science can help you understand the person behind the CV

Look beyond an applicant’s skills and experience and the snap shot of their personality that a standard interview provides.

Our psychometric assessment (PPA) explores their behaviour in full and is loved by hiring managers because it reduces time to hire as well as the overall cost per hire.

  • Differentiate between candidates with similar skills and experience.
  • Improve team effectiveness by better identifying best-fit candidates.
  • Enhance the interview process with questions specific to the candidate’s behaviours, adding real value to your depth of understanding.
  • Remove unconscious bias and improve diversity using assessment data.
  • Increase retention, engagement and speed to competency.
  • Discover how to best communicate, motivate and engage remote workers.

Behaviour assessment is also a valuable tool for line managers seeking to maximise team performance.

  • 1


    Gain an insight to the type of support a person needs to stay motivated (in the office and remote working) but also to avoid burnout and work-related stress.

  • 2


    Improve communication and team work by understanding preferred communication styles and boosting self-awareness.

  • 3


    Support personal development by pinpointing key strengths and identifying potential areas for development – making the best use of training budgets.

There’s more information about this powerful tool on the PPA Behaviour Assessment factsheet.

Download Factsheet

How It Works

PPA is provided by our assessment partner Thomas International. This behavioural analysis tool is registered, recognised and validated by the British Psychological Society.

Once the behaviour assessment is undertaken there are a range of optional reports which can be produced independently, or in conjunction with a PPA report.

Samples of a PPA report and our most popular optional reports are available to download including Interview Guidance, Remote Working and How To Manage.

Sample PPA Reports

We used the tool as part of our recruitment process for a senior position. The information gained from the profiling exercise supported our understanding of the candidates applications and has since been used to identify development areas for the successful candidate.

Tracy Johnstone, Charlie House

I have used the profiling tool as a key part of building a first class senior team. The exercise is always useful in assisting individuals to reflect on their behaviours and traits as well as giving them a good understanding of what makes their team mates tick. It is a useful addition to the recruitment toolkit and I’ve always found the results to be very pertinent.


To understand how PPA will maximise your recruitment and people development practice contact our accredited practitioner, Steve McCulloch.

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