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Working with employers across Aberdeen city and shire, we offer positions on a temporary and contract basis across all of our specialist areas of recruitment.

Temporary and Contract working is a positive choice.

  • From entry level to director assignments.
  • Specialist skills that are deployed on a project basis.
  • Return to work after a career break.
  • Develop systems and sector experience.
  • Keep your skills up to date and learn new skills – adding to the richness of your CV.
  • Improve work : life balance.
  • To find out what you like and don’t like!
  • Temporary work can lead to a permanent job – if that’s what you are looking for.

So what’s the difference between agency and ltd co contract working?

Here are some facts to help you understand.

Agency Worker

  • Duration

    Agency work can range from single days, several months to even years.

  • Employment

    Work as a TMM Recruitment agency worker. Be directed by the hiring client.

  • Rate Of Pay

    Hourly or daily rate of pay which is subject to statutory deductions.

  • Getting Paid

    Record the number of hours worked on one of our timesheets. Submit approved timesheet to our payroll team.

  • Holidays

    Paid holidays accrue up to a minimum standard of 28 days per year.

  • Pension

    Auto-enrolment to PAYE government pension scheme after meeting qualifying criteria.

Ltd Company Contractor

  • Duration

    Contract work can extend from several months to several years.

  • Employment

    Provide services of work via your own limited company.

  • Rate Of Pay

    Generally, paid a day rate plus VAT, if registered.

  • Getting Paid

    At the end of each month raise a limited company invoice detailing the services provided to TMM Recruitment for payment.

  • Holidays

    No paid holiday entitlement.

  • Pension

    Not entitled to join PAYE government pension scheme.

Why It's Better To Be A Temporary Worker With Us

  • 1


    Our recruiters know the local job market and will reduce your job hunting stress. Depending on your circumstances, you can work through us on a PAYE or Limited Company basis.

  • 2


    We follow recruitment best practice and are 100% compliant with how we manage your data. Trust that your pay and pension are correctly managed by our in-house payroll team too.

  • 3


    We’ll keep in touch throughout your temporary assignment and encourage you to share feedback. We’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire on our service levels but you can provide feedback at any time.

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