Electrochemical Engineer - VR/26547

Unfortunately this position is no longer available. Please use our job search function to find an alternative.
Status: Permanent
Location: Aberdeen
Rate: Available Upon Request

In this position, you will work with the Electrolyser Team to improve cell performance through optimisation of electrode support and catalyst development. The position is not a typical engineering position as it is lab based, involving highly technical research and development which requires knowledge of electrochemistry.


The effect of complex water chemistry on performance and stability will be studied, with catalyst selection a result of extensive literature review. You will learn about current cell design(s) and work on understanding flow regimes and the ability to control acid / base flow and bubble dynamics to reduce mixing. You will also work on optimisation of cell design features in parallel to electrode and catalyst development. You will also contribute to the overall team’s success through knowledge sharing, idea generation, brainstorming, collegiality, and support of other on-going projects in the company.  There will be opportunities for this position to identify other projects or topics of interest within the company’s technology portfolio, and independence in the laboratory and in creative problem solving is expected and encouraged. 


Skills you’ll learn:

  • Advanced cell manufacturing and design.
  • Integrating cell designs into stack designs.
  • Integrating electrolysers into balance-of-plant systems.
  • Catalyst, electrode, and electrochemistry related to acid-base and hydrogen electrolyser systems.
  • Electrode-catalyst materials selection and chemistry.
  • Modelling software for 3-D printing and CFD.
  • Water chemistry and energy efficiency knowledge.
  • Business model, market analysis, hydrogen markets economics.
  • Team-based project design and management.
  • Communication skills.


Educational Background Required:

  • D. in Chemical Engineering, Electrochemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering.
  • A very appropriate Master’s could be sufficient. BSc / BEng is not enough for this role.
  • Expertise in electrochemistry and electrochemical techniques.
  • Expertise in cell or reactor design, including CFD modeling and/or 3-D printing.
  • Expertise in electrode / catalyst engineering and configurations.
  • Demonstrating experiences working in a team environment and developing your human skillset (communication, empathy, respect, understanding, commitment, follow through, self-inquiry).



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