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Why You Shouldn't DIY

26th March 2012

There's no doubt that the use of social media is redefining the recruitment process but if you have a key role to fill, is “do it yourself" recruitment really the best you can do?

We don't think so.

Searching on-line for new employees could potentially identify a large number of candidates, but what about their achievements and abilities – quality over quantity please.

An effective recruiter will alleviate the administrative burden of pre-screening, referencing, qualification checking and interviewing – saving you precious operational time. They should be able to respond exceptionally quickly, within hours for a temporary assignment and within days for a permanent position.

A good recruiter, with a track record of success, will also actually know people, having developed relationships based on trust. They'll understand their candidates' career aspirations and salary expectations and will know if an on-line profile is an accurate reflection of the real person.

Your recruitment consultant should understand your business culture, keep abreast of the changes and developments in your company and be able to make a judgement on the type of person who would fit in your organisation – positively affecting attrition rates over the longer term.

They will also be able to provide guidance on what's happening in the local job market, benchmark your activities against competitors and ensure confidentiality.

Don't DIY, save yourself time and effort by contacting one of our consultants today, T +44 (0)1224 658 865.

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