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To Temp Or Not To Temp?

25th March 2013

If you have not considered temping before, now might be the perfect time to do so as more employers look to temporary recruitment as a way of bringing in new talent to their businesses immediately.

Experiencing higher levels of demand for temporary workers from clients, Aberdeen based Thorpe Molloy Recruitment says it could provide the chance for recent graduates, returning to work parents and those with limited work experience to get on to the job market, as well as people who are willing to commute from further afield to benefit from the buoyant Aberdeen employment conditions.

The company's Accountancy and Finance specialist Suzanne Burr comments.

"We have more temporary workers on placement than ever before with our clients viewing temps as a valuable asset, alleviating pressure on co-workers and providing a flexible option at times of rapid growth. Currently, there's particularly high demand for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Assistants and Credit Controllers."

Suzanne Burr, Business Manager, Accountancy and Finance

“Vacancies are not limited to the city centre, clients based within industrial parks around the periphery of Aberdeen as well throughout the Shire are offering great opportunities for employment and development."

“Temporary working is a very common way to get back in to permanent work and can provide a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills. Temps often receive training and through the experience gained while on assignment, many have gone on to secure permanent employment in their chosen career."

"The majority of our clients operate in the energy sector, so temporary working could provide the chance of moving into a more financially rewarding position as, at the junior end of the accountancy and finance market, it is not essential to have industry specific knowledge. Many of the skills required at this level are transferrable from other industries and employers will often provide on the job training to facilitate the transition."

To Temp or Not To Temp? If that's the question you are asking yourself, here's our Top Ten reasons to go for it!

1. Enjoy flexibility.

2. Helps you find work quickly.

3. It's a great way to get your foot in the door and it may lead to full-time work with an employer.

4. It will gain you experience and exposure, helping you to build up your CV.

5. You can use temping to build your professional network. You never know where a contact may lead you and who they might be able to refer you to for future jobs.

6. It's a great way to try out a job to see if you like it.

7. It provides new references for future employers to contact.

8. Keeps your skills sharp.

9. And helps you develop new skills too.

10. Let's you be involved in a business project, without the pressure of long-term expectations.

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