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Don't Be An Ostrich

25th January 2016

When times are tough there can be an overwhelming desire to stick our heads in the proverbial sand (other nouns are available) in an effort to avoid all the uncertainty. Or to follow old patterns of behaviour, blinkered to new opportunities, simply because that's where we feel most comfortable.

Going out with your comfort zone can reap big rewards and right now is just the time for being open minded, determined and POSITIVE. This post is dedicated job seekers but the sentiment applies to hiring managers too (watch out for our post on that next week).

Let me explain.

There are many ways to go about finding a new job (we're not going to get into them here – we are a recruitment company!) but if you have decided to use an agency ensure the recruiter who represents you has a thorough understanding of your background, skills and aspirations. Developing the relationship is a two way process so don't be afraid to ask questions of your recruiter to determine if you actually want to be represented by this person – are they credible, do they know their market, will they work hard for you? If you don't like what you hear don't hesitate to find another recruiter. Have the positive mindset that you deserve better.

Once you've established this relationship there's a responsibility on you to keep your recruiter informed of any changes in your circumstances. For example, if you become immediately available then temporary work, or jobs with an immediate start, become an option – if you are open minded enough to consider them. If your recruiter believes you are still working a notice period then, given the volume of candidates, you won't even be on their short-listing radar.

With intense competition between job seekers it really is a time to be on top of your game so use your recruiter to help you finesse your CV and sharpen your interview technique. No matter how capable you are there is always room for improvement and a polished, confident presentation never fails to impress.

Unfortunately, employers are providing feedback that some candidates are showing a distinct lack of positivity at interview, conveying the attitude that any job will do, rather than this is the job I really, really want! If this is how you feel, what's the point of turning up - it just decimates your chances of success and probably leaves you feeling pretty rotten too.

Try to extend your network of contacts - the more people you know the better. People tend to respond warmly to positivity and enthusiasm, they share information more willingly and go out of their way to help you. Try to bear this in mind when you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, or just can't bear going to another networking event or coffee morning – go, it will be worth it.

It only takes one break to secure a new job. Keep as open a mind as possible during the application process, keep listening to advice, follow up all referrals and don't let your confidence be diminished by rejection.

Yes, it does suck right now, but you don't.

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