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Turning Rejection Into An Opportunity

5th February 2016

The feelings of rejection we've experienced in our personal lives are uncannily resonating throughout the oil and gas sector. It is estimated that 70,000 jobs have been lost and it is widely acknowledged that the North Sea is in crisis. Finding yourself suddenly jobless elicits feelings of rejection similar to losing that special person in your life and can hit your self-esteem hard.

Amanda McCulloch Managing Director of Thorpe Molloy Recruitment stresses the relationship between employment and feelings of validation: "Losing your job can really hurt. At a primary level you lose income and the security that brings, but add to that the loss of contact with colleagues, positive feedback on tasks well done, and you sacrifice many things that help shape self-esteem. One thing that we all have to hang on to right now is that it really isn't you, it is unprecedented market driven forces."

So after the initial shock and raw emotions have settled down what are the best ways to secure that next post? Amanda describes how to begin the process of moving on:

"Redundancies and restructuring have sharply reduced recruitment activity and competition has been fierce for the past three calendar quarters. Many candidates are now going for one job with many more experienced or senior candidates in the mix too. So make sure the recruiter who represents you truly understands your background and skills and where you want to go – although be flexible on your expectations during the current turbulence. Ask yourself – Is my CV the best it can be? Is my interview technique at its sharpest? A good recruiter will work with you to fine tune these elements."

Given the candidate surplus in the market, and with some employers holding out for the "perfect" candidate, here are 10 tips to help you get back in the saddle:

  1. Be prepared to compromise: considering every size of firm and type of industry.
  2. Brush up on your presentation, first impressions do indeed still count.
  3. Consider temporary work, it could be a great interim solution and widen your skills base.
  4. The same is true of voluntary work, although this may not suit all personal circumstances, it can be valuable in terms of CV points and self-fulfillment.
  5. Consider further education – this could differentiate you from the crowd later on.
  6. Network. Although it may be tempting to hide away when you have been jilted, this will only lead to isolation, whereas getting involved will raise your personal profile.
  7. Communicate – especially with your recruitment consultant.
  8. Look beyond Oil and Gas, remember your skills are transferrable.
  9. Learn to take advice.
  10. And lastly learn persistence. Remember determination is an important attribute and it only takes one break to secure a new job. Don't let your confidence be eroded by rejection.

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