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How To Recruit Remote Workers

29th June 2020

COVID-19 has robbed us of the chance to make a good first impression, develop rapport and build relationships through personal, face-to-face interaction.

On the other hand, with little or no requirement to work from an office location according to fixed hours, workers who were previously marginalised could access new career opportunities by working from home. And, for roles that can be effectively performed remotely, employers can widen their candidate pool geographically.

To solve the social distancing issues, employers are using technology to complement a good candidate experience; offer a flexible, scalable process and create efficiencies. But we mustn't forget that recruitment is a people industry and it is crucial that the human aspect of resourcing is not lost through the adoption of tech.

There are 3 overarching aspects to this:


Be crystal clear on your culture and values, ensure job descriptions accurately reflect actual job content and don't mislead applicants through your career marketing.


Introduce consistency to the technology deployed across the recruiting and onboarding process to enhance familiarity, but also to provide a streamlined experience.


Be human, clear and concise in your communications. Introduce human interaction early in the process and keep in regular contact with candidates, always cognisant that you are dealing with people at a time of heightened anxiety.

Remote resourcing is not a new concept, but it is unfamiliar to many employers. In this document you'll find guidance on the key considerations to:

  • source and attract
  • screen and assess
  • interview
  • offer fair and relevant compensation and benefits
  • onboard and integrate remote workers, to promote productivity and collaboration.

Download your free copy of A Guide To Remote Recruiting.

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