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The Truth About Job Hunting

6th August 2020

Reset your expectations about the job hunting process and get your mojo back!

Emma from our Office Support team shares actions you can take to combat the job hunting blues.

The idea for this video came from the people Emma speaks with every day who are embarking on their job search or who are already searching and are becoming demoralised by the process.

By understanding what really happens we hope to manage your expectations and help you to stay resilient during your job hunting process.

Focus Your Job Search Efforts

Most jobs that you find advertised via online job boards will receive a mountain of applications, so think through where your time should be spent. Focus your efforts in the areas you have expertise, otherwise you may spend a lot of time applying for jobs that are unlikely to lead to interview.

Pass The Application Tracking System

Your CV may never get seen by a person. I'm sorry but it is true. Online application systems screen CVs using artificial intelligence. To improve your selection chances:

  • use as a standard format CV
  • don't include graphics
  • submit it as a .doc file, not a pdf
  • tailor your CV to the vacancy by including relevant keywords from the job description.

Covering Letter

You may wonder what the point of a covering letter is and you've got a hunch it won't get read. Covering letters can be a great way of adding personality and sincerity to your application, explaining why you're the right person for the job so make the time to write one – it could help you stand out.

Application Feedback

This one is tough to take but many organisations don't provide any feedback on your application. Unfortunately, the old proverb of no news is good news is not relevant here. Don't take it personally – it's not you, it's the system.

Personal Referrals

Jobs are often never advertised at all, but are filled through word of mouth referral. Having someone vouch for you is a really powerful thing so:

  • make your network aware that you are job hunting and the type of work you are looking for, they might hear of something and think of you immediately.
  • widen your network and experience through volunteering.
  • engage with agency recruiters, they should know what's going on in their area of the job market.
  • follow companies you'd love to work at on social media, they can post status updates relating to work that are not specific job vacancies.

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