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Hello there! I'm Taylor, the guy at the top of the page with the awkward smile and the blue jumper. I’m originally from Surrey, but after graduating with my Computer Networks degree at the University of Portsmouth, I decided to deprive the south of my talents and move 600 miles north to Aberdeen. 

My plan at the time? “Think I’ll work in IT”. And while I may not be configuring servers, crawling under desks to plug-in computers that are ‘broken’, and turning computers off (and on again), I did stick to the plan and landed a job as an IT Recruitment Consultant, so I technically wasn’t wrong!

I'll be the first to admit, I'm a bit of a nerd. I play a lot of games, watch a lot of films, and have a strong interest in the world of technology. But that doesn't stop me from exploring the real world too. I'm a travel enthusiast, and a fan of old buildings, old churches, and nice views, which made Aberdeen seem a logical place to move to. 

So, if you're looking for an award-winning recruiter (People's Choice *cough cough*) and a guy that understands the technical talk your spouse doesn’t, look no further!

Taylor's opinion on ChatGPT
:  AI is not new but tools like ChatGPT have catapulted the conversation around AI into everyday conversational chit-chat. Taylor argues (with a gentle sense of film-themed humour) that a greater understanding of these tools, rather than limiting their accessibility, is the key to empowering everyone. Read his blog: Let's Not Live In An AI Fight Club.

Let's Not Live In An AI Fight Club

Taylor's Working Style

Psychometric Assessment (PPA)

Unassuming and friendly Taylor is hard-working and organised. He is service-oriented and a natural communicator who encourages others. Sincere by nature, it is important to him that his work is worthwhile and he can contribute constructively.

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Taylor was fantastic whilst organising interviews for our recruitment campaign for the position of IT Engineer. He was very pleasant and quick at responding.

Tina Stewart, Stena Drilling Ltd

His dedication to finding the perfect match for both the company and the candidate is truly commendable.If you are seeking a supportive and reliable recruiter, look no further than Taylor at TMM Recruitment. Highest accolades to you, Taylor.


Great service. The agent was great. Would recommend for anyone looking for a change.

Nathan Sanderson

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