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How To Ensure Your Temp Hire Is A Success

27th June 2017

There can be a perception that temporary workers are "just a temp". This is just plain wrong and such an outdated way of thinking, particularly in light of the changing world of work and Gig economy.

A few really simple changes can make a world of difference to how your temporary workers feel and consequently how committed they are to your business.

We've summarised the common pain points our temporary workers have reported over the years, providing ideas for how you can improve their experience.

  1. Make sure the temporary worker is expected and that they have a work station that they can log on to and begin working. There's nothing more de-moralising than being met with dis-organisation on your first day but of course, if the temporary worker can't work it's wasted time and money for your business.
  2. Take the time for an induction which includes relevant health and safety information as well as orientation details. A handover with an experienced colleague could also feature as an important part of the induction process.
  3. Introduce your temporary worker to the team, not just their line report. It can feel really isolating to be "the temp" when you don't know anyone else's name.
  4. Feeling welcome is a big part to settling in quickly. Show your temporary worker around your facilities and explain how their work contributes to the bigger picture.
  5. Be clear about the objectives and expectations you have for their work. If they don't know what is expected of them, in a specific time frame, how on earth can they succeed?
  6. No matter how assured the temporary worker comes across pair them up with a buddy, someone who checks in with them regularly, who can answer their questions or simply show them how the coffee machine works.
  7. Finally, introduce them to the manager responsible for signing their timesheets. Many temporary workers are paid on a weekly basis and with strict submission deadlines it can become a big issue if the authorisation manager is unavailable. We all desire job satisfaction, but being paid for work well done is also a priority!

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