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What You Don't Need In Your CV.

12th November 2020

Writing your CV is a tricky business. Almost everyone we talk to about this finds it a difficult task, probably because it is such an important one!

You spend a great deal of time and effort gathering the content, fact checking, spell checking and tailoring it to each application. This means you are probably focused on what you want to include IN your CV.

But sometimes less is more, and there are certain pieces of personal information that you don't need to provide in your CV. Our HR recruiter, Chris Carr, shares some really constructive advice on how you can improve your CV, including a section on what you don't need, it's worth taking a look.

But in the meantime, if you're looking for a quick overview, this is what you should definitely keep out.

Profile photo
Date of birth
Detailed home address
Marital status & number of children

Double-check your CV – did you find these things there?

Remove them and it'll help to free up some space in your CV document (was it looking a bit squished?), improve your formatting (making it easier to read), comply with UK discrimination laws and keep your personal information, well, personal.


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