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HR Market Update

18th January 2022

HR recruiter, Chris Carr, shares his perspective of the job market in Aberdeen city and shire for HR professionals. Drawing on his experience over the last 12 months he reflects on 2021 and provides constructive advice for HR professionals seeking a new job in 2022 and the employers that are trying to hire them.

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HR Market Update Video Transcript

How was the HR market in 2021 Chris?

It was busy, which I know is, of course, a good thing but my word it was hectic, the second of the year in particular, dominated by very urgent temporary requirements. People phone up saying we need a business partner, we need a training adviser, we need a recruiter, reward specialist, personnel logistics coordinator, all for three months, all to start on Monday. And it was a great time for those with immediate availability, but not so much for those with notice periods.

Are you still working with a number of immediately available HR professionals?

Not really. There's genuinely not many left at all. And there's a bit of a myth, the market-wide myth that HR was the first to go when the pandemic hit. And if anything, it was HR that was kept on to manage the change that came with the pandemic, furlough schemes, redundancies, new policies for hybrid working, COVID testing. Those who did lose their jobs admittedly they're all back in either contract work or non-HR jobs for the likes of the NHS. But they're not going to be looking for your contract jobs unfortunately. They're holding out for something permanent to come along.

What advice have you got for employers who are hoping to hire HR people this year?

Plan ahead, please. And allow yourself enough time for the many, many people with notice periods who are going to be interested in your vacancies. Now, that's assuming they're permanent, of course, and truth be told there will still be people available for maternity cover assignments, but again, come to market as early as possible to allow yourself time for those who can't start as quickly as you think you need them too.

So you think that many HR professionals will be looking for a job move?

Yeah, a lot of HR people realistically find themselves working for companies that are unrecognisable from the one they chose to join way back when, just simply because of all the change, the pandemic and the downturn that preceded it. And so we're going to find a lot of HR people looking to take back control of their own careers, their own learning and development and their own salary packages as well. They're not just going to jump at the first job that comes along, though. It's such a key move they need to make sure it's right for them in terms of stability, in terms of culture and challenge as well.

What's the one message you'd like to share with job seekers?

Do your research, ask your network about the company you're applying to. The six degrees of separation in Aberdeen is more like two or three here as we know. So you'll soon learn if you are indeed moving in the right direction.

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